"snack ideas for your home bar"

Are you ready for guests? Do you have enough drinks in your home bar? What about snacks and appetizers? No home bar would be complete without some crispy snacks and party foods. After a few drinks, everyone wants to grab a snack and eat something light. If you want to make your guests feel comfortable, stock your bar properly. From chicken wings to popcorn and nuts, there are plenty of options.

Serve your friends with tamari and maple-roasted almonds. To prepare this snack, you need maple syrup, tamari, whole shelled almonds, and a bit of oil or nonstick cooking spray. You could also try meat pies or pork skins. These party foods go well with beer and wine. What about a fancy grilled sandwich with ham, cheese, apple, and mustard. Or how about roasted peppers, mozzarella, and roast beef on hamburger buns?

There are thousands of snacks and party foods that you can try. Use your creativity and try new combinations and ingredients. Do a quick search online. You’ll find a huge selection of recipes for easy party snacks, pizza appetizers, stuffed mushrooms, grilled shrimps, potato chips and more. Think about your guests and their preferences. Are they vegetarians or vegans? Do they prefer fish or meat? What drinks are you going to serve?

If you want to serve beer, prepare some sweet bagel chips, garlic chips, caramel popcorn, nachos, or apple quesadillas. Beer goes well with salty snacks, including pickled eggs, cashews, tortilla chips, ham and cheese empanadas, sausages, and pretzels. If you serve wine, then you should stock your bar with olives, crackers, cheese, veggies, ham, roasted peppers, and hummus. For example, you could prepare some mini pizzas with cheese, tomatoes, and roasted peppers. Add olive oil and bake them for a few minutes. Nuts and cheese go well with wine too.

Make sure you know how to pair cocktails and food. Martini goes well with chocolate mousse, seared sea bass and other sophisticated foods. The Manhattan should be served along with Asian barbeque sliders. The Mint Julep is a popular cocktail that can be served with cheese sandwiches. If you’re going to prepare a French 75, cook some bread appetizers too. For grapefruit cocktails, serve endive boats. Baked stuffed jalapeƱos go well will mojitos. There are many other tasty snacks that you could try. Once you create the drink menu, it will be easier to decide which snacks to prepare.