"home bar design ideas"With a little creativity, anyone can create a chic home bar offering fine cocktails in a relaxing atmosphere. There’s no speed to spend a fortune on materials and decorations; use your imagination and let yourself inspired by the things around you. If you already have a bar at home, you can turn it into a cocktail lounge by using unique accessories and themed items.

Your home bar is a special place where you can pamper yourself after a really long day. Therefore, you should take the time to decorate it to your taste. Express your personality and style, choose quality accessories, and stock your bar with premium drinks. You could add a big LCD TV, a home theater system, and a comfortable couch. If your space is limited, install a small bar in the corner of your living room. Use warm colors and vintage decorations to lend “an old-world charm” to your home bar.

The best thing about home bars is that there are no strict rules. You can always try new styles, themes, designs, colors, and textures. The possibilities are endless. To turn your bar into a cocktail lounge, simply add a glass table and a comfortable sofa that matches the overall decor of your home. Use furnishings in odd shapes, place a huge mirror on the wall, and display exquisite artworks.

For a vintage cocktail lounge, decorate your bar with neon signs, oversized decorations resembling cocktail glasses, vintage posters, and a jukebox. Once you choose a theme for your home bar, you can shop for furniture and decorations. Consider adding an antique bookcase behind the bar, a vintage poster featuring movie characters, an antique wicker basket filed with liquor bottles, or some funky decorations from the 70s.

There are lots of different ways to accessorize your bar and turn into a real cocktail lounge. Start with a few basic decorations and stock your home bar with essential spirits. Keep adding new accessories and furnishings over time. For a completely new look, do a full revamp on your bar’s theme. Play with colors, lights, and fabrics.

Make sure you choose the best drinks for your home bar. Think about your favorite cocktails and their main ingredients. Stock your bar with quality liquors and wines that both you and your guests will enjoy. If you want to have your own cocktail lounge, improve your bartending skills and get all sorts of cocktail accessories and recipe books. When you’re ready, invite your friends over and throw a great party!