"cocktail shakers"Most cocktail recipes require mixing the drink in a shaker. This tool is a must have for any bartender. Whether you’re preparing a martini, a cosmopolitan, or a mojito, you need quality bartending tools. The cocktail shaker is the first thing you should look for when stocking your home bar. There are dozens of types and styles of cocktail shakers, including Boston shakers, novelty cocktail shakers, designer shakers, bullet shakers, and cobbler shakers. Finding the right one can be overwhelming.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Cocktail Shaker?

The first cocktail shakers were invented in the 1950s. The French Shaker was very popular among Europeans. American bartenders preferred the Boston Shaker. As the popularity of the shaker increased, new models and designs have been released. If you do a quick search online, you’ll be overwhelmed by the different types of shakers available.

Choosing the best cocktail shaker can be difficult. You need to consider your budget as well as the types of drinks that you’ll be preparing. If you have guests regularly, pick one that is large enough to prepare multiple servings. A small cocktail shaker is ideal for personal use. Some models are designed for single servings, while others allow you to prepare up to four servings at once.

It’s recommended to use cocktail shakers made of stainless steel. These models resist wear and tear, featuring a stylish design. Make sure you select one with a tight seal. Many cocktail shakers have measurement markings, built-in strainers, and unique shapes. Some are created by famous designers. Do proper research before choosing a cocktail shaker. Keep searching until you find one that suits your preferences.

What Are The Different Types of Cocktail Shakers?

Most bartenders use the cobbler shaker, the Boston shaker, or the French shaker. These three models are popular worldwide. The cobbler shaker is perfect for beginners. It has a basic design, with a tight seal and double walls. The Boston cocktail shaker is made up of two pieces and requires a separate strainer. This model is easy to use and clean.

The French shaker is made of two metal pieces. This model has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. It has a classy design and requires the use of a strainer. This type of shaker is hard to find, but has many advantages over other similar tools. It’s easier to use than the Boston shaker and features a more appealing design.