"best rum cocktails"Do you like rum cocktails? Rum is as popular cocktail mixer used for many tropical drinks. It is served everywhere in the Caribbean, featuring an exotic taste. The world’s best known rum cocktails include the Cuba Libra, the Mojito, the Black Devil, the Pina Colada, and the Miami Vice. Hundreds of drinks are made with rum. This fine liquor comes in a wide array of flavors, colors, and styles. There are dark rums and light rums, spiced rums, amber rums, dry rums, and flavored rums.

This popular liquor brings an exotic touch to any party. It’s arguably the most cocktail-friendly spirit. Rum is made from fermented sugar cane juice and can be more refreshing than gin or vodka when mixed with the right ingredients.

Let’s start with the famous pina colada. This classic cocktail contains light rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream. It has a sweet taste and a creamy texture. Some bartenders use amaretto, dark rum, or coconut rum to prepare this drink.

The Daiquiri is a basic rum cocktail that everyone should be able to prepare. Its main ingredients are rum, syrup, and lime juice. Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, mix well, and pour into a cocktail glass. Variations include the strawberry daiquiri, the cranberry daiquiri, the beachcomber, the banana daiquiri jelly shot, and the limey cocktail.

The Mai Tai is a more sophisticated drink that requires several ingredients such as light and dark rum, orange curacao, simple syrup, almond flavored syrup, lime, and fresh orange juice. This is the perfect spring or summer drink. It has a smooth texture and looks delicious! If you have a tiki bar, you should definitely prepare this rum cocktail. The Mai Tai has been served in Polynesian bars for decades.

The Ti Punch is a traditional cocktail from La Martinique. It contains rum, cane syrup or sugar from sugar cane, and lime. This rum-based drink is similar to the Daiquiri. It’s usually served before starting a meal.

Another famous cocktail with rum is the Hurricane. Its key ingredients are passion fruit syrup, dark Jamaican rum, and lemon juice. This sweet drink is very popular in New Orleans. It can also be prepared with cranberry juice, Navan liquor, Grand Marnier, Irish cream, coffee liquor, or white rum. The Hurricane was created around 1940. It’s a classic cocktail that every bartender should know.

Next time you have guests, try one of these delicious cocktails. Your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised.